Improved lights, improved grades

Improved lights, improved grades

August 26th, 2014


This is the second in a series of posts highlighting the experiences of some of our customers after purchasing EGG-energy solar home systems.


Many of our customers report that their children’s grades improve after the installation of EGG solar home systems. The reliable, non-polluting lighting has allowed their children to study as many as three more hours per day, long after the sun sets.


Juma Mshana

EGG-energy customer Juma


Juma, a dairy farmer and the secretary of a Tanga Fresh Milk Collection Center (MCC), is one such customer. He lives with his extended family, including ten school-age children, in an off-grid village in the Tanga region. Previously, he had just one solar torch for his entire family to use at night, so the children were not able to study after dark. Since installing an EGG solar home system, which powers two LED lights inside the house, the kids study two more hours every night. Just recently he proudly reported, “thanks to the extra study time, the teachers have even commented that their grades have improved!”


Juma's daughter

One of the children benefiting from increased light


Beyond lighting, Juma also uses his solar home system to charge his mobile phone and power a radio. He even makes a little extra money each week from charging mobile phones for his neighbors.

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