Planete d’Entrepreneurs team assesses EGG-energy’s social impact

Planete d’Entrepreneurs team assesses EGG-energy’s social impact

December 18th, 2014


by Cécile Compte, Anne-Charlotte Gimenez, and Alexandra Nuq, Planète d’Entrepreneurs


Our team from the French NGO Planète d’Entrepreneurs recently spent six weeks with EGG-energy to assess its social impact on its beneficiaries. This study was commissioned by GDF SUEZ Rassembleurs d’Energies, one of EGG-energy’s investors, who we warmly thank for making this mission possible. Since 2009, Plane?te d’Entrepreneurs has been helping social entrepreneurs assessing their social impact and promoting their innovative model in France and developing countries by training and involving French students in the field.

The objectives of the mission were to collect data among customers on their lifestyle, behavior, and usage since they switched to an EGG-energy system.

Planete d'Entrepreneurs Team in Tanga

Our mission

The main part of the mission was in Dar es Salaam, except for one week we spent in Tanga for interviews. The first three weeks in Dar es Salaam were dedicated to the understanding of EGG-energy’s business model and analysis of the quantitative data collected by EGG-energy’s employees and interns in Dar es Salaam and Tanga. This enabled us to save a lot of time and focus on the qualitative interviews in Tanga. We spent a week there in rural villages, going from house to house and having the amazing opportunity to interview and meet EGG-energy’s clients at their homes. Those meetings were very inspiring and made it possible for us to realize just how much their EGG-energy’s system has changed their lives. To better understand EGG-energy’s business model, we were able to talk with the management, the call center, technicians, and the sales teams of both Tanga and Dar es Salaam.

PdE interviews in Tanga

Impact results

We found very important social impacts of EGG-energy’s solar systems (lighting, security, income generation, time savings, children education…).

  • Security is the most mentioned benefit of having EGG-energy (56%), compared with the previous source of energy. The lights make customers feel safer: security lights outside the house scare away thieves and animals. In addition, bathrooms are often outside the house, so the lamps and safety lamps allow people to go to the bathroom at night without being scared of being bitten by a snake or robbed.
  • Income generation is considerable: For customers who launched a new business after getting EGG-energy, they earn on average TZS 273,928 (USD 155) per month. For customers using EGG-energy for their existing activity, income generation averages TZS 508,333 (USD 287) per month. In terms of new businesses, phone-charging businesses are predominant, but some launch movie theaters, barbershops, etc. For existing businesses, the lights maximize the worked hours and attract clients later at night.
  • A time-saver: Charging phones at home (second most quoted benefit), paying for energy only once a month (and not struggling to buy kerosene or petrol everyday), having an M-Pesa agent at less than 10 min distance from home (for 58% of customers, and less than 20 min for 84% of customers) are some examples of EGG-energy being tremendously time-saving
  • Education of children (lights to study later at night) and health (less smoke from kerosene lamps) have improved
  • CO2 emissions reduction per year, for both former kerosene and petrol users, amount to 224,213 Kg per year


We hope EGG-energy will keep progressing and expanding, to achieve further impact!

2 Responses to Planete d’Entrepreneurs team assesses EGG-energy’s social impact

  1. Billy hadlow says:

    I am the founders of khaya power. Egg energy was one of the company’s that inspired me 4 years ago to create a battery rental system. Khaya power provides battery power in a 5 liter bottle. We developed a gratification stove that can be powered your solar units. The stove only uses 1.6 watts per hour. The stoves can be built and assembled by locals in the community. The stove becomes a clean cooking appliance. If you are Interested I can send you more info.

    Regarding the info and findings in the field. We have completed our pilots projects in South Africa. We have found many challenges and also have experienced similar rewards. Interesting that the energy poverty has the same effect on the poor accros the world. Keep up the good work.

    Warm regards

  2. Jasmin says:

    You write so holsteny about this. Thanks for sharing!

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