2015: The International Year of Light

2015: The International Year of Light

February 2nd, 2015



The United Nations declared 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, or IYL 2015 for short. Its goal is to raise global awareness about how light-based technologies can promote sustainable development and provide solutions to prevalent development challenges in variety of sectors, including energy, health, and education. At EGG-energy, we are excited to see the global community shine its light (literally!) on the impact of lighting.


What exactly is the power of light? We thought we’d let some of our solar customers tell you in their own words.


“I have plans to start to raise pigs and chickens thanks to the system. The light would help me to keep the livestock safe”  Mohammed, small business owner

“EGG helps me a lot to save time, the shop to buy kerosene was far away in the city. And with the extra money from cost savings, I can pay for my children’s school fees (TZS 40,000 per year per child).” Halidi, small business owner


“Now my children can study at night. They spend most of their time studying and they are more motivated to work thanks to the light; they get better grades now, too.”  -Terence, farmer


“There are so many children coming here [to our house], following the lights. We gather to tell stories and share ideas.”  Mohammad, farmer


“Thanks to the extra study time given by the solar lights, the teachers have even commented that my children’s grades have improved. Juma, farmer


“The children were afraid to go the toilets at night, but now they can go. They feared for their security.” Mwajuma, small business owner

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