Who We Are

EGG-energy is a for-profit company with a social mission.

We believe that access to cheap, clean, and reliable power is both a good in itself and a catalyst for enabling small entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, children to extend their study time, remote villages to connect to the wider world, and families to stay connected to each other. In short, while we believe strongly in the potential for private enterprise to empower its customers, we would not be doing what we do if it were not for our commitment to the social goal of efficient, inexpensive, clean power for the developing world. Currently based in Tanzania, our goal is to one day use our model to provide power throughout the developing world.

We are technology-agnostic and focus on distribution and service, finding energy solutions that are suitable for customers now and, as technology evolves, we aim to consistently connect the end user to the optimal energy solution. Our distribution network is specifically designed to enable multiple touch-points with our customers.