What We Do

We deliver sustainable energy solutions to off-grid African households.


We’re not your average solar energy company.


We’re building a last-mile distribution network for solar energy systems by efficiently managing local logistics, sales and marketing, consumer financing, and installation and maintenance.

EGG-energy’s mission is to improve our customers’ quality of life by engineering solutions and building distribution networks that connect their homes and businesses to affordable and reliable energy services. We are technology-agnostic and focus on distribution and service, finding energy solutions that are suitable for customers now and, as technology evolves, we aim to consistently connect the end user to the optimal energy solution. Our distribution network is specifically designed to enable multiple touch-points with our customers.

We don’t just want to distribute a few solar lights in Tanzania– our mission is to scale solar home system distribution throughout Tanzania and East Africa. Our processes and systems can easily be replicated in other locations that have mobile money systems available. We are working on forging a variety of partnerships with technology providers, financial institutions, and larger-scale energy producers. While developing the distribution infrastructure is labor intensive, it is ultimately the most valuable and defendable part of the supply chain.

 How EGG has evolved over the years