Expanding energy access while minimizing environmental impact


So far, EGG-energy has installed more than 1,200 off-grid energy systems across Tanzania, including more than 400 solar systems. What impact do these systems have?




Our energy solutions save our customers money. While it might seem as if using kerosene for your lighting needs and AA batteries to power your radio would be cheap, in reality neither solution is efficient, and both are more expensive in the long-term than utility-scale electricity. In fact, the lighting efficiency of a kerosene lamp is less than 5% that of incandescent bulbs and less than 1% that of LED lights*. EGG-energy customers realize an average savings of 50% on their energy needs.




We are passionate about providing access to energy sources that are sustainable. By replacing polluting energy sources, over time, EGG-energy has the potential to significantly reduce Tanzania’s carbon footprint. Every 52 kerosene lanterns we replace with electric lights is equivalent to removing a vehicle from the road in the US (US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency). Every battery-powered torch we replace with solar lights saves over 100 batteries from ending up in landfills, where their toxic metals leak into the ground and table water.



Health and safety

Of course, burning kerosene and throwing away disposable batteries is not just terrible for the environment, but also for the health of their users. Kerosene lamps are a major contributor to indoor air pollution, which kills 1.6 million people each year and is the leading cause of death in children under 5 (World Health Organization). EGG-energy seeks to provide its customers with the safest, most effective energy solutions that fit their needs.



Access to finance

EGG-energy is more than solar energy company–we are expanding access to finance throughout rural Tanzania. Not only are we able to decrease our costs by providing our own financing program, we are able to expand our customers’ credit history to open up other loan-based purchases, such as new roofs and appliances. Our products, which include mobile charging ports, make sure our customers can conveniently and inexpensively charge their mobile phones, which serve as an invaluable payment service (e.g., M-PESA, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa) and savings tool.


*Typical kerosene lamps deliver between 1 and 6 lumens per square meter (lux) of useful light, compared to typical western standards of 300 lux for tasks such as reading (p3). A 60 W incandescent lamp provides 111 lux of useful light, and an LED light (1 W Luxeon with Optics) provides 160 lux of useful light (Lawrence Berkely National Lab)