The Solution

EGG-energy provides energy solutions that improve lives.


The Product

We currently offer innovative rent-to-own solar home systems between 15W and 200W, which include (at minimum) a solar panel, battery, wiring, a mobile phone charger, and at least 3 lights. Rent-to-own systems are remotely metered, allowing the customer to make payments via mobile money and for the systems to automatically shut off if payments are not made. We believe this technology has tremendous potential to catalyze widespread deployment of renewable energy.

EGG-energy continues to search for the best products to fit our customer needs and is actively expanding our product offering.

The Service

We strive to make acquiring sustainable energy solutions as easy as possible for all our customers.

  • Installation. We take responsibility for making sure that our systems are installed and used correctly. This means that when a customer subscribes to our service, one of our trained technicians goes to their household to install the necessary wiring to make sure that using an EGG-energy energy system is simple, easy, and effective, and that our customers get a great experience with the electricity we provide them with.
  • Two year full-service warranty. Our service offerings provide a higher quality standard and reliable energy, as they are supported by a strong network of trained technicians and backed by our warranty.
  • Consumer financing. Most MFIs and banks won’t offer loans for solar products. We offer our own innovative financing model to make payments more manageable for our customers.
  • Easy, convenient payments. Our rent-to-own systems allow customers to pay using the latest mobile payment technology.


A solar panel is only as good as the applications it powers. We also provide our customers with the applications they need to make use of their new solar panel. These include efficient lights, radios, televisions, and phone chargers, as well as the wiring to hook it all together. By supplying these applications ourselves we ensure that they are fully available to our customers, and that our customers are using high-quality products that take full advantage of our solar systems.